Villeneuve Le Comte, France, 10th April 2014: Wednesday School has revised its programs for the 2014-2015 school year and has opened its doors for registration for September 2014. We are pleased to announce that our new structure allows us to grow towards our ultimate objective which is to offer stimulating experiences for all children with different levels of English.


Wednesday School (WS) is an exciting new association in the Marne La Vallée area in France which provides progressive language classes for young francophone and anglophone children aged 3 to 13, promoting the benefits of bilinguism.

At the heart of Wednesday School's philosophy is recognition that young children best learn a living-language in the way it is actually learned and used in its country of origin and through experiencing it culturally. The language we use is English. We leverage American, Australian, British, Canadian and Irish anglophone cultures as a means for providing a stimulating global culture and background to our teaching.

We provide a progressive language learning environment for children with different linguistic backgrounds and capabilities, ranging from proven programs for monolingual children to programs for bilingual children which include elements of English language programs from anglophone countries.

All children attending Wednesday School are given opportunities to learn English in contexts which are driven by elements of Primary (Elementary) School programs originating in anglophone cultures, i.e. Science, Geography, Art, and Technology programs.

We believe that our programs offer essential and invaluable tools for preparing young children for an ever-changing global future.

Our school is hosted by Ecole Saint Pierre (Auteuil Foundation) in Villeneuve Le Comte which is located beside the syndicat d'agglomération nouvelle (SAN) of Val d’Europe (Bailly-Romainvilliers, Chessy, Coupvray, Magny Le Hongre and Serris). It is located in Marne La Vallée in the Seine & Marne region of France.

Wednesday School is in operation since September 2011. It is open to all children aged 3 to 13 and is not restricted to those attending Ecole St. Pierre the rest of the week.




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